Maui, Atlas and the Stone Spheres

A strange worldwide marvel are the large stone balls of unknown origin and purpose that are standing around in the landscape. They are so old that we do not know who made them and why. Mainstream reporting says that many of them are natural. Geologists call them concretions and  and megaspherulites. A number of  papers have been written on how they allegedly “grow” over Millions of years to become spheres.

There are a few exceptions where not even mainstream researchers can deny that they are artificially made. Such as the ones in Costa Rica, that you see in the following two images:



alien spheres costa rica


Approximately 300 of these have been counted in Costa Rica.  They were first “discovered” (the indigenous natives knew about them all along) in 1940. Archaeologists had no clue who made them so they were arbitrarily ascribed to the natives who have lived in the area for many thousands of years. But the natives tell a different story: That they were already there when they arrived! their oral traditions say they were made and used by the “god of thunder and lightning”. His name was apparently Tara (which reminds me of the Celtic Tara, the Hindu Tara as well as of the Hattite Tarhunt and the Nordic Thor) and he used the spheres as cannonballs against his enemies. Evidence suggests that these natives arrived in Costa Rica approximately 12 000 years ago, a time frame that coincides with the fall of Atlantis.

Dating the stones has not been possible and apart from a few legends, nothing more is known. There has been speculation that the stones were originally lined up as a star-map and to help future generations find inhabited planets. This idea was put forth because some of the balls contained astronomical engravings and those that had not been moved, were allegedly lined up pointing at the magnetic north as well as specific star constellations. But today this theory can’t be verified, because most of the stones have been relocated from their original places, have been hauled off to peoples private gardens and destroyed by bulldozers. Our treatment of archaeological artifacts has been lousy. Why? Because we don’t grasp the importance of learning of our origins through ancient artifacts. Why not? Because we have been taught that our past was uncivilized and boring. Once you indoctrinate people to believe that we were nothing but hunter-gatherers who lived in caves with nothing but a cloth to wear, who cares about the ancient past?

These are some of the stone spheres of Souhern New Zealand. They are supposedly natural:





They aren’t quite as round as the Costa Rican ones, so it would be easy to concede that these are nature-made. But there is still a little doubt in my mind. With only very few exceptions (such as crystals and the aforementioned spherulites), nature makes no straight lines, triangles, squares, rectangles, circles and spheres. Geometric shapes point to some form of conscious deliberation. Rather than being the result of natural processes, might these stones simply be more eroded than those in Costa Rica?

Geologists say that these are 56 Million year old “concretions formed by the hardening of sea sediment”. Again the indigenous people of New Zealand tell a different story. According to Maori legends the balls were left there a long time ago by a gigantic ship that had come from the mythological land of Hawaiki. They are linked to the god Maui.

Maui is an interesting figure in his own right. He is revered as a primary God (some say a supernatural being, others say a being of flesh and blood) across the Polynesian pacific. Tales of his ancient feats are told all the way from Hawaii to Tahiti, Samoa to Tonga and New Zealand. The distance from Hawaii to New Zealand, by the way, is 4900 miles (7800 kilometers). The story of Maui being told in places so far apart, either proves ancient trans-oceanic contact (that the Polynesians could travel great distances) or that Maui really existed. I suspect both to be true.

Common legends about Maui say that he “held up the sky” or “held up the pillars of the sky” as well as having “carried the sky on his shoulders”. Does that remind you of anything? It reminds me of Atlas, the first ruler of Atlantis and son of Poseidon. Of him the exactly same things are said – that held up the sky and carried the world on his shoulders, etc. Thus, Atlas is usually shown carrying a globe:

atlas maui

Maui is traditionally shown as follows:

maui atlas sky


Atlas was a Titan (Giant) and one of his enemies was Zeus, the god of thunder and lightning. The Costa Rican stones are also associated with a “god of thunder and lightning”. That may signify nothing, but where records of the ancients are so scarce, some speculation may help to solve these puzzles.

Maui was not only known as one who holds up the sky but also as “the one who restrains the sun”, traditionally shown like this:

maui restrains sun

Those who have followed my research will remember the two warring factions of “gods”: The “sun gods” or “Olympians”or Monotheists who brought about the Great Flood, after which the fog disappeared and the sun shone over Earth and the opposing factions of gods, giants and serpents who “kept the sky from falling” or “restrained the sun”. In other words, Maui and Atlas are either on the same team or they are the same gods.

Noteworthy here, are Egyptian legends which speak of the Haunebut, an enigmatic people who lived in the “land of Punt, somewhere beyond the Indian Ocean”. Haunebut has two translations: “People of the Haze” and “People of the Pillars”. They lived in a time and place in which the sun never penetrated.

Another people who have been called “People of the Haze” in various legends are the Cimmerians.  According to Homer’s Odyssey they live “beyond the Oceanus in a land of fog and darkness, at the edge of the world and the entrance of Hades”. Whether these Cimmerians are related to more recent ones linked to the Celts and another people of the same name from the Black Sea area is unknown.

From a “comparative mythology” point of view the “People of the Haze” or “People of the Pillars”are those who lived in the times right before the flood when dense clouds hung low, steam rose from the ground and the sun was rarely seen and monstrous creatures and menacing giants  roamed the earth. They are part of the faction that opposed the flood, in line with Maui who “restrained the sun” and “held up the clouds” and Atlas, ruler of Atlantis, who did the same. As you`ll recall from my book, Atlantis started out as a paradise on earth, prior to the descent of humankind. It was because the “people of the Pillars” descended in consciousness. In fact, “people of the Pillars” could also be an apt descrption of Atlanteans themselves as they are said to have built most of their structures with pillars (which was later emulated by the Egyptians, the Greek, the Phoenicians, etc.).

A stone ball beside an ancient Pyramid in Sardinia:

ancient stone ball sardinia

A few of the stone spheres found in Bosnia:

bosnia ancient stone spheres

bosnia stone sphere aliens

bosnian stonespheres

They are scattered across Bosnia. Most of them appear to be around the towns of Grab and Zavidovici, where 35 stones have been found. They are smoothly polished and some of them are made of granite. This rules out the idea that they are “natural” (as some have proposed). Granite does not miraculously form into balls all by itself.

The following stone spheres can be found on Champ Island. What, you don’t know where that is? Neither did I. It`s a Russian Island near the North Pole.

stone spheres champ island

Champ Island, Franz Joseph Land

These are also said to be natural even though some of them are almost perfectly round.

There are also stone spheres on Cano Island, which is about 1 hour (by boat) outside of Costa Rica:

cano island stone spheres

And these are stone sphere at Kettle Point, Ontario Canada. These are in fact most likely natural. I present them here for comparison:

ontario stone spheres

kettle point stone balls

stone sphere canada

Even thought these look natural, an artificial origin can’t be ruled out. Lake Huron is the territory of the Ojibway and Anishinaabe people who are related to the Abenaki and part of the Algonquin language family (see my book for their relation to Atlantis). They claim to come from a distant island that was flooded. Their legends refer to “water serpents”, giants, flying “thunderbirds” and all the other signs familiar to Atlantis researchers.

In this context, the Chinese myth of the  creator-goddess Nüwa proves interesting:

Nüwa is a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology best known for creating mankind and repairing the wall of heaven…

Nüwa repairing the original imperfect heaven using five-colored stones, and cutting the legs off a tortoise to use as struts to hold up the sky.

Nüwa molded figures from the clay, giving them life and the ability to bear children. After demons fought and broke the pillars of the heavens, Nüwa worked unceasingly to repair the damage, melting down the five-coloured stones to mend the heavens.

There was a quarrel between two of the more powerful gods, Gong Gong and Zhu Rong and they decided to settle it with fists. When the water god, Gong Gong, saw that he was losing, he smashed his head against Mount Buzhou, a pillar holding up the sky. The pillar collapsed and caused the sky to tilt towards the northwest and the earth to shift to the southeast. This caused great calamities, such as raging fires, vast floods, and the appearance of fierce man-eating beasts. Nüwa cut off the legs of a giant tortoise and used them to supplant the fallen pillar, alleviating the situation and sealing the broken sky using stones of seven different colors, but she was unable to fully correct the tilted sky. 

Other versions of the story describe Nüwa going up to heaven and filling the gap with her body (half human half serpent) and thus stopping the flood.

What we have here is another reverse-version of the flood story. In this story, the serpent (Nüwa) is the “good side” and those who send the flood are called “demons”.They cause floods by attempting to crash the pillars and bring down the sky. The other side of the story tells of the Olympians (Greek Mythology) or of Enlil and Enki (Sumerian Mythology) or God (Abrahamic Religions) who send the flood to rid the earth of villains (giants, serpents and half-gods). Nüwa is obviously on the same team that Atlas and Maui are.

I find it fascinating that these two sides in an ancient “battle of the gods” tell the same story from two conflicting perspectives. This is not a theological treatise, so I will reserve judgement on which of these sides was “right” (my book however is slightly biased toward the side that says Atlantis was once a paradise and then indeed fell in consciousness). Suffice it to say that humans today still seem to be waging the same war that the ancient ones fought.

There is quite a bit more to say in regards to these spheres and pillars, much of it rather arcane, but I do not mean to overwhelm so I will save the rest for a possible future article.