Evidence of Ancient Space Flight

Image above: The Avestan God Ahura Mazda in one of his flying discs. 

In my book I present ancient stories that describe sky flight, space flight, the state of the moon (described by the ancients as “grey and desolate”), planets, stars and many other things that can only be explained if, at one  point long ago, we were able to fly (or “they” were able to fly). Now that we modern humans know that flight is possible it is not that outrageous to think that some time in our distant past it was known too. I only included a small fraction of the evidence in the book as not to make it too long. Here is more.

Consider this piece from the fragmented ancient Babylonian Etana Epic. The Sumerian cuneiform tablet, thousands of years old, as well as copies of it in other languages, can be found in the British Museum. According to the Sumerian “Kings List”, which differentiates between “rulers before the great flood” and “rulers after the great flood” Etana was one of the post-flood Kings.

(Side-Note: Many other cultures have pre-flood (Atlantis) and post-flood kings lists but most academics only acknowledge the reality of the post-flood kings, labeling pre-flood ones as “mythological”).

Part of the “Legend of Etana” describes how Etana got on a talking “Eagle” (described as a “slayer of serpents” just like in other traditions around the globe) and flew into space (bolding mine):

The eagle siad to him, to Etana:
” My friend, the [ ] are obvious,
Come, let me take you up to heaven,
Put your chest against my chest,
Put your hands against my wing feathers,
Put your arms against my sides”.
He put his chest against his chest,
He put his hands against his wing feathers,
He put his arms against his sides, 
Great indeed was the burden upon him.
When he bore him aloft one league,
The eagle said to him, to Etana:
“Look, my friend, how the land is now
Examine the sea, look for its boundaries
The sea has become a stream“.
When he had borne him aloft a second league,
The eagle said to him, said to Etana,
“Look, my friend, how the land is now!
The land is a hill”. 
When he had borne him aloft a third league,
The eagle said to him, said to Etana,
“Look, my friend, how the land is now!”
“The sea has become a gardener’s ditch”.
After they had ascended to the heaven of Anu,
They passed through the gates of Anu, Enlil and Ea…

Another version from a less fragmented tablet reveals more: 

When he had borne him aloft one league,
“Look, my friend, how the land is now!”
“The land’s circumference is become one fifth of its size. 
“The vast sea is become like a paddock”.
When he had borne him aloft a second league,
“Look, my friend, how the land is now!”
The land has become a garden plot [ ],
“And the vast sea has become a trough”.
When he had borne him aloft a third league,
“Look, my friend, how the land is now!”
“I looked but could not see the land!
“Nor were my eyes enough to find the vast sea!
“My friend, I won’t go up to heaven
“Set me down, let me go off to my city”.

What we see here is a description of how earth gets smaller and smaller the higher the aircraft rises, until…until they are in space and land is no longer seen! Etana gets nervous and wants to return to familiar grounds. Those are rather surprising elaborations for a people who allegedly never got higher than climbing trees.

Had these ancients never flown before they would not know

a) how the sea and land look from above

b) that the earth is a circumference (rounded rather than flat and square) and

c) that it is no longer seen in far away or deep space.

The two most likely explanations for this knowledge are either supernatural (out-of-body-travel for example) or technological (space-travel).

Image: Etanas Ascent. Stories of flight were symbolized by wings in Sumeria. Wings were attached to dragons, chariots, humans and other beings to symbolize that “they can fly”.

etanas ascent space flight

Further Sumerian depictions of flight. Anyone enjoying these images is reminded more of some surreal science-fiction movie than of “primitive ancient man”


ancient space flight




What is all of that? Your guess is as good as mine. But it sure looks strange.

The problem with labeling all of these events as “fiction” is that Sumerian myths describe numerous events in their “myths” which have been archaeologically shown to be factual. Neither today nor in ancient times was it common to mix fiction and non-fiction into the same books. An account is either a fictitious story, or it is a factual documentation. For example, much evidence has been undug for the reality of the “Kings List”, for many of these Kings to have really existed, so there is no reason at all to assume that a part of the Kings were real and others were fictitious. The only reason pre-flood Kings are labeled “fictitious” in contemporary academia is because it is not believed they could be that old (the pre-flood Kings had much longer life-spans) or that this gigantic flood even existed. However, when compared to the very similar Chinese Emperors list or the Egyptian Dynasties list, of which it is also claimed that they are “half factual, half mythological” the most simple explanation is that they are accurate timelines showing dynastic progressions over hundreds of thousands of years. “But for goodness sake, there were no civilized humans a hundred thousand years ago” the exasperated “expert” cries. Yes there were. And time will tell that it was so. Our past was far more interesting than we currently believe.